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Jaguar Activities

Ft. Zumwalt West High School


Jaguar Activities

Ft. Zumwalt West High School

Jaguar Activities

Ft. Zumwalt West High School

Team News.

Team News

1 year ago @ 5:11PM

Open Gyms

Winter Workouts

Open Gyms are available to all players interested in trying out for the high school baseball team.  Players are encouraged to attend to prepare for tryouts and to get ready for the spring season.  Open gym will be canceled any day school is not in session due to weather.  There will be no open gyms the week of February 19 as it is a MSHSAA mandated dead week for baseball.

Open Gym - Morning Throwing
Beginning Tuesday, January 9
Varsity - Tuesday
JV & Freshmen - Wednesday
6:15-7:10am in the large gym

Players just need a glove and a great attitude!

Hitting Opportunities

Players can hit on their own at some local batting cages for a discount.  Players need to hit on their own, or with small groups, as MSHSAA does not allow high school coaches to attend open gyms off campus.


Hitting Zone
Available Monday-Thursday 3-6pm & 8:30-10pm

Friday 3-9pm, Saturday 9am-6pm & Sunday 12-6pm

Cost is $5/hour

The Fieldhouse
Available Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday
3:30-5pm - Cost is $5/session

Team News

1 year ago @ 5:12PM

Tryout Information

Tryouts will begin Monday, February 26, 2018

All players need to meet in the Auditorium at 2:35pm for the spring sports meeting.  We will meet afterwards to review physicals, tryouts, and expectations.  Meetings will conclude at approximately 3:10pm.

Tryouts will be held outside after school, weather permitting.  If we are forced to practice inside due to weather, the practice schedule will be posted on the baseball Twitter account - @fzwbaseball and be announced at school.  Players should always be prepared for outdoor practice with a baseball hat, baseball pants or sweats, and long sleeves.  Stocking caps, gloves, and jackets may help on cold weather days. If we would play in it, we will practice in it.  Players should bring all equipment they have that would be appropriate - glove, cleats and tennis shoes, helmet, and catcher's gear for those that have it.

All pitcher and catcher evaluations will be done in the mornings before school beginning Monday, February 26.  All pitchers and catchers will be scheduled one morning 6-6:45am to pitch and/or catch during tryouts.  These evaluations are generally Monday–Varsity, Tuesday–JV and Wednesday–Freshmen.  Pitchers and catchers are expected to be early, warm up on their own and be ready to go when their evaluation time is scheduled.

All players must pass 6 classes in the fall semester and be enrolled in at least 6 classes in the spring semester to play baseball.

All players must have a physical on file that they got after February 1, 2017 to be eligible to practice.  Physical forms can be picked up at the activities office.  Physicals should be turned in to the activities office or to one of the coaches prior to tryouts.  Players that are not sure of their physical status should check with the activities office prior to the first day of tryouts. Players with gear too large for a locker should check with their seventh hour teacher to see if they can store it in their classroom during the day.  Otherwise, players can store their gear in Coach Gough's room, 233, or in Coach Oetting's office.

Players should use the varsity locker room to change and should always lock valuables.

Team News

1 year ago @ 5:14PM

Tips to Make the Team


1.  Attend summer camps as well as fall and winter workouts.  Make sure the coaches know your name before tryouts begin.

2.  Look the part.  Wear baseball pants, jersey (always tucked in) and a hat worn correctly (not backwards or tilted sideways).  Take off all jewelry (earrings, necklaces, bracelets).  Be prepared everyday with all proper clothing.

3.  Wear a jersey from a team you played on.  Your name on the back of the jersey helps coaches know who you are.

4.  Always hustle.  Run between stations and always be working to get better.  No one ever became a ball player walking after the baseball. Get your uniform dirty and lay out or slide whenever possible.

5.  Volunteer to help out.  Be the first to help get equipment out and put it away.  We are looking for team players.

6.  Always pay attention and ask questions.  Try what your coaches instruct you to do.  With few exceptions, your parents do not know more than your coach.

7.  Respond with respect to the coaches and be coachable.  Use "yes sir" or "no sir" responses.  Never reply with "I know" when a coach gives you instruction.

8.  Be a great bunter.  Work hard at it.

9.  Have all paperwork done ahead of time.  Make sure your physical is submitted to the activities office before tryouts.

10.  Get good grades and be a leader in the classroom.  Good attitudes and grades translate onto the baseball field.  Take care of your academics first.

11.  Make sure you never miss an in-season workout.  If you have an emergency and cannot attend practice, make sure to inform the coach.

12.  Never just go through the motions.  Whether it is stretching, throwing, or hitting stations, always give your best effort.

13.  Be realistic of your abilities and play within yourself while never giving up on the pursuit of the dream.

14.  Think positive thoughts and have good body language.  Pick up others around you and make the team better through your presence.

Thank you to Coach Tony Perkins of Francis Howell for his contributions to this page.
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